Right now, in Egypt.

For information's sake, I hereby paste the textual words of my Egyptian friend, Bassem Zakaria Al-Samragy, about the current events in Egypt, his homeland.

"...we went out in the streets to say No to our president who is the president for 30 years
he cut the internet and cut the mobile phone networks
he ordered the police to shot us
they showered our marches with tear gases and rubber bullets and even life shots
that was from Tuesday, Jan 25 to Friday, Jan 28
more than 300 were killed
and more than 1000 injured
but the people won and the police defeated

(did you accomplish what you wanted?)

not yet
the raged people burned police stations
and we won the first battle
the second battle was against the thugs who were released by Mubarak to frighten us
we, the people, replaced the police and we went to the streets with the sticks and knives to protect our homes from thugs and prisoners who were released by the police
and we won the second battle
and we are still winning step by step

it's a fight between the good and the evil

(are you and ur family ok?)

yes we are
pray for us my friend
pray for us to get our freedom"

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